Reservation for a Hula Hooping Birthday Party

Minimum of 8 guests, Maximum of 20 guests, not including birthday person.
Basic Light Hoop = 2 colors of solid Vinyl Tape

Option 1: Make your own Light Basic Hula Hoop (1 1/4 hours to 1 1/2 hours)

Option 2:Hula Hooping games, lesson, tricks, and more - Does not include pre-made hula hoop (1 hour)

Option 3:Hula Hooping games, lesson, tricks and more - Includes pre-made Light Basic Hula Hoop

Approximate Number of Guests:



Option Number:

Price for Option:

Upgrade Amount:

Total Price:

Total Cost:

Deposit (50% Total Cost):

The remaining portion of the payment is do at the conclusion of the party. You will only be charged for those guests present at the party. However, the party must reach minimum number of guests. For example: if you approximate 15 guests and only 12 attend the party, you will only be charged for 12. If you approximate 8 guests, and only 6 attend the party, you will be charged for 8 guests. The birthday person is not included in your number of guests attending; they are free!


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How Did you Head About Hoops by JEM?

Once this email Reservation is received you will be sent a comfirmation email. You will then be able to pay your deposit via credit card. Another option is to print this reservation form and mail it in with a check or money order. Please save a copy of this reservation for your records. Hoops by Jem requires a 2 week notice of cancellation for full refund of deposit.